Item #

 Weight 92 lbs / 40 kg


Light weight motorcycle carrier, capacity 300 pounds includes: Ajustable slab, 72”-84”, adjustable front curb for the front wheel, a loading ramp 5 quick attach to secure the motorcycle fits on a class.III hitch or bigger, steel is covered with baked powder coating. Traffic lights, license plate holder & stabilizing clamp are also standard.


 Weight 115 lbs / 52 kg
Motorcycle support with double attachement capacity: 500 pounds on an aluminium slab, includes: 2 hitch 16” and all items listed in product #02-80-0200
 Weight 330 lbs / 150 kg
Motorcycle lift, capacity 1200 pounds to be operated by 18 volts battery powered drill (professional type) included: (2)3 ” X 3 ” X 24 receiver an aluminium slab with front curb, 7 quick attach tie-down wheel kit for storage, adjustable support for different R.V.’s & motorcycle. Signal lights & license plate holder are included.
Weight 60 lbs / 28 kg
Swing out option, allowing rear access to the rear of your vehicle.
Weight 35 lbs / 16 kg
Optional hitch to tow a car, capacity 5000 pounds. The option hitch is installed
on the motorcycle lift. Warning not designed to pull a trailler.


Stabilizing clamp, minimize vibration between the receiver & the support Ideal for tow bar.