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 Bike carrier Motorcycle lift Spyder, golf cart, trike

Color (*not applicable for moto!)
 White Grey Beige

Model of vehicle (obligatoire):



Model of vehicle for Travel-Trailer:

  • Make of frame:  Workhorse Freightliner Chevrolet Ford
  • Do you have a spare tire on the back?  yes no
  • Are you pulling a car?  yes no
    If yes, which model?
  • *Diesel vehicle: Distance between bottom of back door to ground?
  • IMPORTANT : The customer must get the frame of his vehicle verified by a frame, suspension and tire specialist before the installation of a Komo Creation Inc. product on his vehicle.

  • What kind of motorcycle?
  • CC?
  • Weight
  • Year
  • Diameter hand grip?
  • Grip model, Round or other?
  • Your comments