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Multi-Purpose chest
Multi-Purpose chest with tilting device allowing access to the rear of your vehicle.
Lifting support
Small and big motorcycle<br />
Spyder, Vtt, golf car, Motorcycle, 3 wheel


Offer a  quality service, a warm welcome and satisfy our customer optimally

The positive transformation of a company whatever it is leans on a clear vision of its mission, its values and its strengths, its opening in the change.

Our mission is simple while being how much demanding: offer a (personalized) quality service, a warm welcome and satisfy our customer optimally..

The customers establish the first concern (preoccupation) of any company which respects itself!

We put it all our efforts and to arrive there, our team possesses an exceptional experience, implied and responsible people.

We were imperative the highest standards.. This demonstrates well our intention to progress, to give responsibilities and, especially, to develop ceaselessly our services to offer you the best offer according to your needs.


The company Komo-Création Inc. with fact its debuts in 1997 in the center of Quebec. Our company aims at the innovation and specializes in the conception and the manufacturing of equipments and accessories which settle down behind several types(chaps) of vehicles such as; entertaining vehicles, 4 x 4, mini-winnowing baskets, etc. Our biggest concern is to answer the requests of our customers as regards the transport of diverse equipements, whether it is leisure, sports or entertaining.

We are opened to the suggestions or to the particular requests then do not especially hesitate to us contact and we shall find a solution of your need!

 At Komo we make sure that you miss no more place

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    • Address: 2610, Chemin Émilien Laforest, Saint-Cyrile-de-Wendover, QC, J1L 2J3
    • Phone: +1 819-478-3872
    • Email:info@komocreation.com