The push for Goose Green [a settlement] was to get a victory

Falklands and Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is in its ninth year, involves a coalition of international and local forces and has been predominantly canada goose clearance sale against an irregular and often nebulous enemy.

The Falklands War had a clear achievable goal which was met with the Argentine surrender. Much of the criticism of the war in Afghanistan focuses on the idea that buy canada goose jacket cheap there is no clear exit strategy, and that total defeat of the Taliban is an impossibility.

It canada goose factory sale is perhaps not surprising that when the conflicts are viewed side by canada goose black friday sale side only stark differences are visible.

But unlike canada goose store the war in Afghanistan, it was possible to tightly control the flow of information Canada Goose sale back from the distant Falklands.

There were plenty of journalists with the task force, canada goose coats on sale but they were often reliant on satellite communications back to the UK, and they were controlled by the military.

After the sinking of the destroyer HMS Coventry on 25 May 1982 with the loss Canada Goose Outlet of 19 lives, it was nearly 12 hours before the details were revealed in the Commons.

In the era of rolling news it is hard to believe that if a ship was known to have been sunk, fuller details would not have emerged sooner.

The MoD was often criticised for going too far in controlling the flow of information.

“It was just awful,” says Dr Andrew Dorman, of the defence studies department at King’s College London. “The MoD has learned a lot more about how it deals with canada goose Canada Goose sale uk black friday the media.”

And the Falklands marked the first major conflict where British forces gave every buy canada goose jacket relative the option to bring back their dead, says Dr Dorman.

“It was a bit Canada Goose Parka of a turning point relative to whether the bodies came back or not.

“Now they all come back. There is much more personalisation of death the MoD puts a picture out and canada goose coats so on.”

And the support during the Falklands War was not unquestioning, says Dr Dorman, particularly at the end of May 1982, when a number of British ships cheap canada goose uk had been destroyed.

“Lots of ships were being sunk, there was a real public opinion wobble. The push for Goose Green [a settlement] was to get a victory to help cement public opinion.”

Support for the troops themselves was constant.

“The country was wholly behind what we canada goose clearance were doing and behind us,” says Simon Weston, the Welsh Guardsmen who survived the attack on Sir Galahad and later became renowned for his charity work. “There were uk canada goose outlet parades we came back Canada Goose online to fanfares.”

Support for Canada Goose Coats On Sale the Canada Goose Jackets troops during the war in canadian goose jacket Afghanistan has come recently canada goose uk shop to focus on the tributes paid to soldiers when their bodies arrive back at Wootton Bassett, and the success of the Help for Heroes organisation.


A similar situation existed in 2001, where defence planning had been looking towards the Middle East and north Africa, not as far afield as Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan much of the dissent over the war has focused on the issue of equipment and whether British troops have the best Canada Goose Online available, or enough helicopters.

Lack of helicopters was a major problem in the Falklands War, but it was caused then by enemy action. On the 25 May 1982, two Argentine Super Etendard fighters carrying Exocet anti ship missiles, and looking for either of the British aircraft carriers Hermes or Invincible, sunk the British cargo ship Atlantic Conveyor.

Three Chinook helicopters, a number of Wessex helicopters, mobile landing strips for Harrier jets and tents were among the equipment lost.

The loss of the Chinooks which were to carry dozens of men at a cheap Canada Goose time into battle canada goose uk outlet as well as transporting equipment was particularly important. But luckily for the British, a fourth Chinook canada goose was away flying when the missiles struck.

Unlike in Afghanistan, where unfavourable comparisons are occasionally made between British and US equipment, in the Falklands the same comparisons were sometimes made with the materiel that the Argentines had. “Thank god they were still in piles.”

But the situation in the Falklands was uk canada goose not about long term supply, it was simply about what could be deployed at such short notice to such a far away location.

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