Dysfunction Junction: This is basically a Roommate Com with

The purpose was to discuss vitamin C and how it can help to prevent cardiovascular complications. (See the before and after photos on my website after high doses of C.) During my interview with Pauling he made a chance remark that surprised me. He said, “I always take a high dose of powdered vitamin C in the morning as it stops constipation.”. You probably wouldn’t want to be 8 inches long, have a tail shaped like a leaf and no eyelids to speak of, requiring you to lick your eyeballs clean every now and again. But if you were, you’d have been famous this year, because you’d be the Saltuarius eximius, the newest member of the leaf tailed gecko family, discovered in northern Australia. Saltuarius is a hanger on from an ancient era, dating back to the time 510 million years ago when Australia was part of a larger southern landmass known as Gondwana.

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