And local and regional stage favorites such as Giants Of

Again, the love is probably unrequited. I don know any of the players personally, and I been to approximately one game in the last three decades. I swoon over Jay Wright, but I won break up his happy marriage, so I just gaze adoringly from afar. The Americans, with the biggest budget of the 12 teams with an estimated $175 million, will sail the new USA 98 boat for their opening match race against United Internet Team Germany on the southern “Juliet” course. Emirates Team New Zealand will sail its latest class 5 NZL 92 boat for its opener against Italian syndicate Mascalzone Latino on the northern “Romeo” course. New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark will be onboard as 18th man and skipper Dean Barker a part of America Cup winning campaigns in 1995 and 2000 is already looking ahead to the final after enduring a four year wait for the chance to chase the Auld Mug after the Kiwis lost it in a 5 0 sweep to Alinghi in Auckland, New Zealand.

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