In July 2006, with the expiry of his Warwickshire contract

Printed at the University Press by Robert Maclehose Company Ltd. For James Maclehose and Sons, Publishers to the University of Glasgow, 1907 [Reprint of 1617 edition.]Thomas Wright, St. Patrick’s Purgatory: An Essay on the Legends of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise Current during the Middle Ages. Ali’s opportunities were somewhat limited, however, and Alex Loudon took his place in the side. In July 2006, with the expiry of his Warwickshire contract only months away, Ali brushed off rumours of a move to Worcestershire, saying “I don’t know anything about it”,[11] but in September it was announced that Ali would indeed be leaving to join that county. The player himself said that he had been impressed by Worcestershire and felt it gave him the best prospects of furthering his career.[12]He made his debut for Worcestershire in their ten wicket win over Loughborough UCCE on 25 April 2007..

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