Buying online or through the DART GoPass app knocks $2 off of

29, 2016)If you ever taken a trip to the State Fair of Texas, or any state fair for that matter, the prospect of a day of cheap fun may seem far fetched.There are actually a lot of ways to save a little money when the fair kicks off on Friday.Leaders with the fair have put together several options for people to save money throughout their visit this year.Buying online or through the DART GoPass app knocks $2 off of the regular ticket priceWalgreens and Kroger stores are offering tickets for $1.50 cheaper than the gate priceMcDonald is giving away $5 off general admission and off child admission coupons on their tray liners and to go bag stuffersAfter 5 pm every night an empty Dr. Pepper can will get you off admissionDay of the Week SpecialsTuesdays: An empty Dr.

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