Low temperature plasmas are one of the best media for this

Mars has the ‘ideal conditions’ for creating oxygen to support human life on the Red PlanetScientists claims the process could make it possible to launch a manned mission to Mars16:47, 23 OCT 2017Matt Damon in Hollywood file ‘The Martian’ Huge efforts are already underway to establish a human colony on Mars, but one of the biggest obstacles is creating a sustainable oxygen supply to support life on the Red Planet.Now scientists have claimed that Mars has “nearly ideal conditions” for creating oxygen from carbon dioxide, through a process known as decomposition.Carbon dioxide decomposition is the split up of the molecule into oxygen and carbon monoxide.Low temperature plasmas are one of the best media for this process, both by direct electron impact and by transferring electron energy into vibrational excitation, according to scientists from the universities of Lisbon and Porto, and Polytechnique in Paris.Google Maps now lets you explore the SOLAR SYSTEM without leaving the sofaThe new research, published in the journal Plasma Sources and Technology, reveals that the pressure and temperature ranges in the Martian atmosphere offer the perfect conditions for producing oxygen using non thermal plasma.As well as its 96% carbon dioxide atmosphere, the low surrounding temperature may induce a stronger vibrational effect than that achievable on Earth, slowing the reaction and giving additional time for the separation of molecules.”Sending a manned mission to Mars is one of the next major steps in our exploration ofspace.”The low temperature plasma decomposition method offers a twofold solution for a manned mission to Mars.

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