) and the emphasis is really on experience

Once you step out of the ship, the sights, sounds, smells and heat of the lava world hit you the sensory experience is almost overwhelming.Walking the slim gantry from the ship to the base on Mustafar is a treacherous business and the faint hearted might already be freaking out as they look around at the volcanic environment there’s no sense at all of this being computer generated trickery, it’s frighteningly real.It’s not too long before you get your hands on a blaster (again, you actually physically pick one up both in the virtual world and in the real one) and have a whole horde of stormtroopers to shoot down (who are also shooting at you, which the body suit reminds you of every time you’re hit) and a rather imposing lava monster to contend with.Oh, and there’s a special appearance from a familiar face that will utterly terrify and reduce you to a sweat drowned, panicking Skywalker.Secrets of the Empire is billed as a “hyper reality” experience the virtual has been dumped (though we don’t think “HR” experience will catch on. ) and the emphasis is really on experience. At times breathtakingly tense, you’ll find it somewhat bewildering when you come out of the journey and find yourself back in an English shopping centre.If there is a criticism to make it’s that the experience itself feels like it’s over all too quickly.

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