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During an IVP, contrast dye is injected so that the urinary system can be visualized. To reduce risk of kidney injury, metformin should be discontinued a day or two before the procedure and for 48 hours following the procedure. Medication administration adherence, dosage, and history are important to assess, but will not affect the interaction.. How do I create an account hierarchy report?I need to create an account hierarchy report that shows all hierarchies the same way that they are shown by clicking on View Hierarchy within an individual account. Once you click Edit Layout, on the right you see a hyperlink in a box, the hyperlink is called “Add fields related via lookup” click that then click on the hyperlink called “Parent Account” then check the parent account check box in the next screen and click on the “view related fields” hyperlink, and then click on Parent Account again, you can do this up to 5 times and then create the report using this report type in order to see the parent account hierarchy.The hierarchy will not look like the one on the page layout but you will be able to see the parent of each account and that account parent. Like0.

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