First, there’s the heroine’s mom and brother

8 Kids Movies With Horrifying Scenes You Forgot About

moncler jackets outlet Eventually, the family figures out the truth and tracks down the doctor in his filthy animal murder den. There, they discover that he’s not only a crooked vet, but also a gun wielding vet, as he demonstrates when he very nearly murders the dad. He’s only stopped when the dog from Frasier bites him in the penis. moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet online Universal Pictures”Tossed Salad Chewed Sausage And Scrambled Eggs” moncler outlet online

That’s violent, but also hilarious and heartwarming, so it’s fine. Rather less heartwarming is when the kids crash the family station wagon into the lab, hitting the table full of sharp, precariously positioned syringes.

cheap moncler Like most James Bond movies, the final showdown takes place in a giant and curiously well staffed secret base. Unlike most James Bond movies, it ends with a teenage girl murdering someone. cheap moncler

moncler outlet uk While Cody Banks is dealing with puberty and also the villain’s henchmen, Hilary Duff, portraying the daughter of a famous scientist, decides to take out the villainous Ian McShane. Duff, hair windblown to the point where she’s in serious danger of selling us shampoo, approaches McShane and shoves an ice cube filled with nanobots down his throat.and the nanobots proceed to eat him alive from the inside out. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet sale MGM”Can I make a ‘He chose poorly’ quip, or are we only allow to rip off one franchise at a moncler outlet online time?” moncler outlet sale

To reiterate, she’s not a secret agent. She’s just some kid. And, aside from the fact that no government agency should ever give a random teenage girl the power to kill someone at their own discretion (they would do it all the time), what’s the psychological moncler sale outlet impact of this going to be for her? Years of crying and night sweats? Do you get a half day at school for turning someone inside out?An American Tail Ends With A Robotic Demon Mouse

cheap moncler coats An American Tale is moncler outlet sale a classic spin on the American immigrant story, using adorable cartoon mice for the benefit of children and adults incapable of sympathizing with real human refugees. cheap moncler coats

DreamWorks Animation”BACK TO MOUSYRIA WITH YOU, monlcer down jackets FIEVEL!”

cheap moncler jackets The already emotionally fraught topic is made moreso by the fact that the film was directed by Don Bluth, the guy famous for making The Secret of NIMH and The Land Before Time cartoon Trojan moncler mens jackets Horses filled with merciless existential depression. Which means we shouldn’t have been too surprised when a completely terrifying scene appeared in the finale of this film. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet jackets Toward the end of the movie, Fievel and his fellow mice devise a plan to build a giant mechanical mouse to defeat cheap moncler the evil cats. So we’re still safely in cartoon territory here. But because this is a Don Bluth movie, we can’t simply get a regular beep boop beep robot mouse. How could a movie premised on the hilarity of a man coming back to haunt his now orphaned children be secretly horrifying? Well, let us buy moncler jackets tell you. moncler outlet jackets

Cosby’s death is kind of a necessary part of the script it’s right there in the title. But in children’s movies about death, you’d expect the blow to be softened a bit. That’s why Bambi’s mom isn’t beaten to death by bikers, or Ellie from Up isn’t repeatedly backed over by a car voiced by Owen Wilson.

moncler jacket sale But Ghost Dad doesn’t go that way. Ghost Dad instead takes us straight to Horror City, using the most horrifying method of travel there is: a taxi. For no particular reason, Cosby ends up in a taxi driven by a man who ably illustrates his mental state when he leans back cheap moncler outlet and asks: “DO YOU ACCEPT THE LORD SATAN AS A SUPREME BEING?!” moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler outlet Universal Pictures”Uh, accepting me doesn’t mean rejecting your toothbrush.” Satan cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale Possibly sensing that the audience for Ewok movies was getting older, Lucasfilm decided to make things a little more mature in the sequel, Ewoks: The Battle For Endor. And by “mature,” we of course mean “violent reaving.” cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler sale outlet While the first movie is a cute adventure about a family reuniting, its sequel starts off with a bloody massacre. Moments after the opening credits, the Ewok village is promptly attacked by Endor’s other, less toy like moncler sale inhabitants: a gang of murder crazed monster people. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet Lucasfilm”Remember the opening of Conan? That’s how I Moncler Outlet want Ewoks 2 to start.” George Lucas moncler outlet

Most upsettingly, all those fresh faced characters we grew to love in the first movie die within minutes. First, there’s the heroine’s mom and brother.

That’s a whole lot of orphaning to happen in the opening minutes of a children’s movie. Even more bizarre is the reason all these characters were killed off. According to the actor who played the brother, Lucas was only making another Ewoks film for his daughter, and since she only gave a shit about the young girl character, he evidently took that to mean that Ewoks 2 should violently purge the story of all the characters his daughter cheap moncler coats didn’t relate to. That’s some top shelf parenting from the weaver of dreams.

The movie finds a spaceship crew battling an evil scientist and a robot who, lacking googly eyes, is also probably evil. It’s a rather dull movie, in truth. at least, until a director who was presumably trying to get fired took things in a new, crazier direction.

moncler sale In the end, the crew enters the eponymous cheap moncler jackets black hole, because it would have been pretty disappointing if that hadn’t happened. It’s an exciting moment, because neither the crew nor the audience know what’s about to happen to them. Will they be crushed into space dust, or discover some grand new universe? Let’s find out together! moncler sale

The Peanut Butter Solution is the craziest movie ever made. Period. Fact. Done.

moncler factory outlet Made in moncler outlet store Canada in the 1980s, it tells the story of a young boy who breaks into an abandoned house and gets knocked unconscious by a homeless ghost couple living inside. In other words, we’re off to a promising start. The vicious paranormal assault causes the boy to lose his hair, which forces him to make a peanut butter based magic potion that will grow his hair back, because why the fuck not. However, the peanut butter solution cheap moncler sale works too well, making him into an irresistible kidnapping target for his art teacher, who uses children’s hair for paint brushes moncler factory outlet.

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