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Sense – Which country does not have a single river? Answer: – Saudi Arabia
Question – In which country is the lake of Alaktore?
Answer to tinyadad – Question: – World’s oldest news paper Which answer is there?
Answer: ‘Official General’ published from Sweden
Question – Where is the largest library? Answer: In India, there are more than 57000 libraries, 10 of them are national importance.
Question – What kind of material does not burn in the fire? Answer: Asbestos |
Question – Which lake in the world is transformed into sweet and salt water every twelve years?
Answer: Uruguay Lake of Tibet
Question – Which is it? Is the city, where five suns appear?
Answer – Sing Knight Chu (China)
Question – Where is the longest bus in the world?
Longest in the USE 76 feet, 11 tons heavier, 121 passengers can sit
Question – Which country does not have that country on the postage stamp?
North – Great Britain
Question – Which country’s President’s wife Was taken abducted by the nobility?
Answer: French President’s wife Raymond Pine Care 1614
Question – Who made four times the Prime Minister of England? Answer: William Ebert Gladstone
Question King had imposed a tax on a beard? When was this tax done?
Answer: Peter the Great. This tax was imposed in the 15th century
Question – Where is the red color like blood?
North – The Teotin blood of Spain is similarly red river high quality replica handbags.

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