Innocent Innuendo: After his prison escape

This is Bowie’s final studio album with RCA Records. Tropes! Turn to the Right.: Addled Addict: Major Tom, as of “Ashes to Ashes”. Alliterative Title: “Ashes to Ashes”. Big “SHUT UP!”: Cuts off Robert Fripp’s guitar solo on “It’s No Game (Part 1)”. Book Ends: The two versions of “It’s No Game”. Aside from being versions of the same song, “Part 1” starts with the sound of a film projector starting up, and “Part 2” ends with the sound of a projector reaching the end of the film and noisily looping around. Commedia dell’Arte: Bowie’s clown costume on the cover and in the “Ashes to Ashes” video is inspired by the Pierrot figure. Cover Version: “Kingdom Come” was originally written and recorded by Television front man Tom Verlaine. Dance Sensation: “Fashion” There’s a brand new dance but I don’t know its name.

General Ripper: Deckert is a retired example, now being a Secretary of Defense Ripper. The Greatest Story Never Told: As part of the cover up after the failed coup, Deckert is hailed as a hero who gave his life to save the President, while Stone quietly disappears and goes underground. He is given a commendation as a “nameless soldier”, though. Informed Attribute: Darius being “tougher and nastier” than Xander Cage. Aside from seeing through Gibbons “lion speech”, which does imply a certain degree of smartness, the only real difference between them is Darius having formal military training and being a lot more direct than Xander. Innocent Innuendo: After his prison escape, it’s implied that Darius immediately sought out a woman to have sex with. But the camera reveals that all the slurping and the “Who’s your daddy?” comments are just him ravaging a cheeseburger. Ironic Juxtaposition: The president’s speech about taking a more diplomatic approach is intercut with Darius and the carjackers violently breaching the DC blockade. Legacy Character: xXx is a designation given to the NSA’s best agents. Make It Look Like an Accident: Deckert does this with Gibbons, making it look like he was killed in a gas explosion in his home. In fact, Gibbons isn’t even dead. Moment Killer: Darius is about to get intimate with Lo, so Shavers chooses that moment to announce his success in hacking the DoD. Monumental Damage: A tank fires on the Capitol Building. Pretty minor compared to most examples, as it will only require a floor or two of structural repair on the outer wall, and maybe additional fire damage repair. Government. The President asks why Deckert is doing this, to which he responds by quoting Thomas Jefferson selectively and gets called out on it by the President. Which, given the context of the rebel speaking to the leader he’s overthrowing, should not be as devastating a retort as it’s played as. and tyrants.” That’s the end of the quote.

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