Seeing their chance to reconnect

Adam Sandler: I really loved Andy. We got tighter and tighter. I would keep saying to Andy and to my buddies about Andy, he’s kind of similar to me, but a little better, a little smarter and a little better looking. It’s the story of a man who must try to win his wife’s heart all over again after a terrible car crash erases her memories of him.It’s only after the accident that we learn that McAdams’ Paige is estranged from her wealthy Lake Forest parents, played by Sam Neill and Jessica Lange, for reasons she can recall. Seeing their chance to reconnect, they swoop in to the rescue and elbow the suddenly persona non grata Tatum aside.There was a time, after “The Notebook” and “Wedding Crashers” that McAdams was poised to be America’s new sweetheart in spite of her Canadian heritage. Like the more recent “Morning Glory,” “The Vow” isn’t very good, but it reminds you why exactly people thought she was the next big thing.

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