In the meantime, he filled his life with Canada Goose sale

Who Was Harriet Mordaunt

There were plenty of opportunities for dalliances during these house parties. Did the Prince of Wales ‘dally’ with Harriet when he was a young man? This isn’t known, but he buy canada goose jacket certainly did later.

The Prince of WalesAlbert Edward was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and canada goose her husband, Prince Albert. Known as Bertie, he eventually became King Edward VII.

But, like today’s Prince of Wales, he had a long wait canada goose store before he ascended to the throne. In the meantime, he filled his life with Canada Goose sale pleasure.

He had not had a happy childhood. You can imagine what expectations Victoria and Albert had for their eldest son and he repeatedly did not live up to them.

He was a charming man, diplomatic and sociable but he could never reach the academic heights his parents aspired to.

So he devoted himself to the pleasures of the flesh. As a young man who was basically without a job uk canada goose outlet but with plenty of money and a high position he was ideally situated to make the most canada goose outlet of cheap Canada Goose life.

Harriet’s marriageWhen she canada goose black friday sale was canada goose clearance sale only eighteen years old, Harriet married Sir Charles Mordaunt. On the right, you see their Warwickshire home.

This amply demonstrates Sir Charles’ wealth.

The couple continued to be a part of the Prince of canada goose coats Wales’ social set.

The couple were said to have a happy marriage initially but Sir Charles was almost the exact opposite of Harriet. She loved to dance, to entertain and to enjoy herself. He was the huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ type who was the ultimate country squire.

Harriet, most probably due to her upbringing,saw no reason at all why she shouldn’t have liaisons with canada goose uk outlet other men. She assumed that, as was common with the upper echelons, her husband had a mistress. This, she thought, was the normal way of things.

Harriet duly gave birth to a daughter. Of course,like most aristocratic fathers of Canada Goose Outlet the day, Sir Charles would have preferred a son but he was delighted that his wife had ‘proven herself’.

But the baby was born with an eye condition. Convinced that this was due buy canada goose jacket cheap to an unpleasant disease that she had contracted during her recent dalliances, Harriet, in her distress, confessed to her husband that since their uk canada goose marriage,she’d had affairs with several men, including the Prince of Wales.

He forced open the locked drawer of her writing desk and discovered letters to her from none other than the Prince canada goose factory sale of Wales. He was now determined to divorce his wife.

At this stage, Harriet’s father stepped into the fray. It must be remembered that he had other daughters for whom he needed to secure good Canada Goose online marriages. The taint of divorce would greatly canada goose clearance damage the canadian goose jacket family’s reputation and his daughters’ prospects.

To avoid this, and knowing that the law of the time insisted that a mad person could not be divorced, he declared that Harriet was insane.

Scandal in courtSir Charles insisted on the divorce case being heard. The question on everyone’s lips was, was Harriet insane?

Her family claimed that she was Canada Goose Jackets suffering from a temporary insanity due to childbirth. Sir Charles, on the other hand, insisted that she was faking in order to retract her confession of adultery.

He said that the servants were Canada Goose Online also aware of her condition. The cheap canada goose uk court needed to determine the truth. There could be Canada Goose Coats On Sale no divorce if Harriet was ruled to be Canada Goose Parka insane.

Sir Charles went canada goose uk shop one further he had the Prince of Wales summonsed to appear in court. This in itself was a terrific scandal.

The prince hotly denied that there had ever been any illicit relationship. Further, he had his own personal physician, canada goose coats on sale an ultimately eminent doctor, to testify that Harriet was indeed insane.

The divorce case was dismissed.

The letters, when eventually seen, proved to have no evidence of intimacy they were simply friendly and chatty.

Was there a conspiracy?Was her insanity faked? Did her father persuade her to canada goose uk black friday act accordingly? Did she have an affair with the Prince of Wales? Points to consider:.

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